Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Elvis Under The Covers by Michael Madden - My Favourite Quote

The hopefully final edits are complete and the book is off for review again. Next proof should be here within a week which allows me to get back to marketing!

Already got 3 radio slots booked, including BBC Radio Sheffield and Oldham Community Radio. I will publish a full list on the FB page.

One of my favourite quotes is from Ondřej Hejma of Czech band Žlutý Pes - I guess most of us cannot imagine what this would be like!

Elvis’s music was so strong you could hear it on the other side of the Iron Curtain. It was like a ray of light in those dark times. We knew very little about him, saw none of his movies, but the music was good enough all by itself.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Elvis Under The Covers by Michael Madden - the final countdown!

Got some great words from Kenny Vance and one or two other late quotes have come in. I've incorporated them into the latest (last?) version and am going through the final edits before the next proof.

August 16th marks the 40th Anniversary of Elvis's passing - so that's a real deadline, and I am booked on to Oldham Community Radio that evening - So I'd better be ready!

The artwork has finally come together - with Hollie Crankshaw providing these images:-

If you want to learn more about Hollie here is here Instagram link.

Now involved in the marketing (the hardest part of all).

Hopefully some of the contributors will give it a plug!


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Elvis Under The Covers by Michael Madden - Cover design

Spent quite some time yesterday revising the cover image (the one we are currently using is a stock photo and doesn't have that 'unique' feel.)

Its not quite finished yet - but you can get the idea - the names on the image are some of those listed in the book, superimposed on and around the image of Elvis.

Still need to work on the font and shade but its really not far off.

All artwork has been produced by the hugely talented Hollie Crankshaw - I'll get her page details and post them here.

Meanwhile the hard slog of proof reading continues. Hopefully this will be my penultimate trawl through the whole manuscript!


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Elvis Under The Covers by Michael Madden - The Impersonators

When Elvis Presley walked in to Sun studios in 1953 who could ever have known that his success would spawn a whole new career choice of 'Elvis Impersonator', and that career choice would itself hold national and international competitions as well as having its own Hall Of Fame?

There are some famous singers who could be classed as Elvis Impersonators, such as Freddie Starr or Les Gray who adopted the persona of Tulsa McLean, but my own favourite is Sweden's Eilert Pilarm.

I will let you make your own mind up about Eilert, he has had hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits, and he has reputedly played at Graceland. His songs were regularly featured on John Peel's radio show, and he was the Best Swedish Elvis Impersonator of 1999. It is unknown who the opposition were!

Eilert Pilarm sings In The Ghetto


Friday, 7 July 2017

Elvis Under The Covers by Michael Madden - In August 1977 The World Stopped When Elvis Presley Passed Away

In August 1977 the world stopped when Elvis Presley passed away. As we acknowledge the 40th anniversary of his passing, it is appropriate to remember the full extent of the man’s legacy, a legacy that continues to grow. Elvis Under The Covers explores his influence through the artists that have recorded his most often covered original songs. These are Can't Help Falling In Love. In The Ghetto, Don't Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel and Jailhouse Rock.

Glam rock legend Suzi Quatro has provided the foreword in which she describes the times that Elvis Presley touched her life, and when she touched his.

Mike Sanchez explains the influence that The King had on his life and his career.

There are also personal contributions from many of the artists featured in the book, including Eddi Reader, Mary Coughlan, Chris Spedding, Tanya Tucker, Wanda Jackson and Stella Parton.

These musicians, singers, actors and performers cover the whole spectrum of musical entertainment, from fame to obscurity, from number 1 hit makers to the occasionally bizarre, from cartoons to classics, and from religion to rock and roll.

It is not often that a book can legitimately mention Bob Dylan, Andy Williams and the members of The Beatles alongside Bugs Bunny, Stephen King and a camembert cheese (the reader will have to search for that one!) However, on a journey through this legacy there are many unusual connections, including a tenuous link between Jona Lewie and Howlin’ Wolf! The one thing that binds them all together, the essence of the journey that they have all chosen to take, is the elixir that is Elvis Presley.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Elvis Under The Covers by Michael Madden - More Famous Names!

Came in after a long day today to two very nice emails. The first of these came from someone that I have been a fan of since I first heard Delta Dawn. I had no idea that Tanya Tucker was just 13 when she recorded that timeless country classic.

Delta Dawn

The second was from the son of Kenny Vance, and Kenny is keen to set up an interview so that he can contribute to the book.

Kenny's band Jay & The Americans have something unique in that they opened the first US shows for both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

In other news the initial proof should be delivered over the weekend. Its still a long way from being complete - but I'm looking forward to seeing something tangible after hours of staring at a computer screen!


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Elvis Under The Covers by Michael Madden - Author Bio

I realise that not many of you will know who I am! I could just keep the suspense until you get to the very end of the book - but where's the fun in that?!

My previous works have included a fictional tale about Stags in Amsterdam, a cookery book and a children's rhyming picture book.

However, my most notable literary achievement was Mike Sanchez Big Town Playboy, an authorised biography for which Robert Plant supplied the foreword. Other contributions came from Bill Wyman, Jeff Beck, Albert Lee, Rick Vito and so many more.

Whereas the introductions to those notable musicians were made through Mike Sanchez himself, for Elvis Under The Covers it has been all my own work! Suzi Quatro has been fabulous in turning around the foreword, and there are others such as Eddi Reader and Wanda Jackson who have replied through their agents. Of course, there will always be those who decline, and several that it is just impossible to get to! But for every one that does not respond there is usually a welcome surprise from an artist that emails directly, such as the Irish star Mary Coughlan.

Then there is the aforementioned Mr Sanchez, an accomplished lyricist and writer. He was only too happy to provide his Rock And Roll Reflections, issuing several drafts as he sought perfection, the same standard that he applies to his stage shows.

And myself?

Well here is the bio from the book. Enjoy.

About The Author

Michael Madden is a child of the 1960s and 1970s. Too young to remember the early days of Elvis Presley, but old enough to be an impressionable 15 year old when The King passed away. His influences gathered themselves in the glam rock era of Marc Bolan and Suzi Quatro, and blossomed into the halcyon punk days of The Stranglers, The Rezillos and countless bands that came and went with barely a murmur.

And yet rock and roll was always there. His parents passed on their records by Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley, and it was an obscure Kings Of Rockabilly cassette tape featuring Sleepy LaBeef that led to one of Michael’s previously published books Mike Sanchez Big Town Playboy.

He has published a total of 5 titles, and he adapted Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven for a youth theatre production at the Buxton Festival Fringe. His home is in the village of Whaley Bridge in the Peak District where he lives with his wife and 2 youngest children, playing cricket, writing books and songs, and striving to pass on his musical legacy to all 3 of his children and his granddaughter with varying degrees of success.

#40th Anniversary